Unemployed and In Need of Transportation

My mom is a single mom raising my sister and me. We have moved 3 times in the last year, but have managed to get by. A couple of months ago, my mom found a steady job and things were finally starting to get better when she was hit head on in a car accident. She lost her job because of not having transportation. She has worked some temp jobs since then, but nothing permanent. She has applied everywhere close to where we live so she could walk to work, but nothing yet. We will have to move again if she doesn’t get a job soon and I know she could find work if she had a car. It is all taking its tole on her. She has helped so many people over the years and I now think it is her turn. She has never asked for help from anyone, and has no family except for my sister and me. I know allot of people are in worse situations than us, but I just want to see her smile and happy again, especially at Christmas. I hope someone reads this and can help.