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Veterans need some help

 Cars 4 Christmas has started our summer project again this year called CARS 4 HEROES, providing free basic transportation to the brave men and women that have served our country .Veterans and Veterans families are eligible to apply. The first was given away at the ASA convention in Overland Park.
Land of the Free Because of the Brave. 
We will give over 50 vehicles away to Veterans and their families in need all summer long as we have joined KFKF's Summer of Freedom program in Kansas City starting now and ending in Sept at our annual Cars 4 Heroes Golf tournament at Falcon Ridge Golf Course in Lenexa , Ks. The 101st Airborn Screaming Eagles from Ft Campbell KY will skydive in and land the Blackhawk Helicopter on the course. We do help Veterans all year but this is a special program raise awareness that some of those that have kept us free have come on some hard times needing a hand to get and keep their lives on track
Join the Car Santa in helping those that have given so much to our country
MARCH 7 2009 Cars 4 Heroes kicked off with its first recipient of 09 giving a car away at the ASA (Automotive Services Assoc. ) on March 7th at a breakfast for hundreds of automotive businesses asking for their help. Explaining the need for our service we read the letter below that we received.: 
I was honorably discharged from the military after being injured on my second tour in Iraq. I was sent home in early October, 2008. My family and I were traveling to Missouri from Ohio (which was where I was living at the time) for Thanksgiving with my family. Our vehicle broke down half way there. (Marshall, Illinois) We had to get a tow and stay in a hotel until my parents were able to get there to pick us up. Our vehicle was unfixable. After we arrived in Missouri, we had no way of returning to Ohio. We didn't have enough money for a bus ticket and none of our family members in Missouri have a vehicle that would make the trip to Ohio and take our whole family with them. I have two small children, ages 2 and 8 months. My wife has been looking for employment, but with no vehicle, even if she finds it, she will have to get rides to and from work everyday. We live in a very small town and there aren't any jobs here. There are jobs about a 45 minute drive away from where we live. I am unable to work due to my injuries I sustained in Iraq. A vehicle would help us get back on our feet again. We are currently staying at my aunts house, sleeping on a pull out couch in her living room. This whole situation has put a strain on all of us involved. My aunt is on a fixed income and she can't afford to support my family and hers. We are in desperate need of transportation so my wife can seek employment and we can get into our own place again. I feel like a total waste of human life right now because I can't help my family. I am currently being seen at the VA for my injuries and we have absolutly no income coming in. I can't even afford to buy diapers for my children. This car, if given to us, would mean diapers for my kids, new shoes for my 2 year old who has been wearing them a size to small because I can't buy him new ones, clothes for both my kids because they are growing so fast! A place that me and my family can call "our home" again, and not someone elses that we're just staying at. I am begging you, if you can please help us it will be appreciated more than you will ever know. Help us get our life back. We applied at for assistance and they only help with food and bills, so they pointed us in your direction. We would appreciate anything that you can do for us.
Respectfully, Frederick
Fredrick was introduced to the men and women at the convention and with a standing ovation lasting several minutes showing appreciation for his service, he was given the keys to a vehicle
The Cars 4 Heroes events  will be held  from June to this Sept to assist Veterans and Veterans families with free transportation. We will be assisting any Veteran that has served their country or their families that are in need. If you or your business would like to be a sponsor at our 2nd annual golf tournament (click on Kansas City page) or if you are in the automotive business and would like to donate or repair a vehicle to help a Veteran , please contact us, Click on last years video "Video link)
 Veterans organizations are encouraged to be a part of our event and help us find the Veterans we need to help most. We would like to help 50 people with free transportation at this years event. Click on last years video
Cars 4 Christmas held events in December giving away about 100 free cars to needy families. The Omaha event was on Dec. 19th live on CD 105.9 Steve King Morning show, Wichita was on Dec. 23rd Live on 104.5 The Fox Jan and Phil Morning show and Dec 22nd we were at Harrahs in North Kansas City Live on 101.1 The Fox Doug Medlock Morning show. The Car Santa will also be giving vehicles away across the nation as donations come in in other cities. In 2009 we will held three events in multible cities , Cars 4 Christmas (for all people in need), Cars 4 Mothers at Mothers Day (mostly for women in Shelters) and our newest project Cars 4 Heroes in August (Assisting Veterans and their families with free cars). In 2009 we will be active in both Springfield , Mo and St Louis, Mo area's and will hold events in those cities also.