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Cars4Christmas is a not-for-profit organization that provides free basic transportation to disadvantaged individuals who are not able to obtain it on their own.

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Cars 4 Christmas has started and open to everyone

Story: My name is Amber. I am writing in today to ask for help. We dont have a vehicle and my husband has to get rides to work. I am very embarrassed, but I am at the point that I really need help. Let me tell you a little about myself. I have four children and my husband has two. We joined our families and have been married two years. I feel he is an angel that was sent to me. My children now have a father and that alone is a blessing.

Honoring a veteran in Omaha on Veterans day

Omaha, NE- A Council Bluffs veteran will be able to get her two daughters to school this winter thanks to a helping hand from a national organization.
Lisa Rodarte served in the navy for four years. Her car was on its last leg and Lisa worried she would be forced to bike through the snow this winter.
Until Monday, Veteran's Day, when all her worries went way.

Texas Motor Speedway honoring Cody Coopenberg with transportation

3 Veterans get transportation in Wichita

 See:  9/11 working with the Jan and Phil morning show on 104.5 The Fox  we gave 3 Veterans cars at Veterans Memorial Park in Wichita. Want to thank all those that helped make this possible, Darrel and Lori at ALL PARTS AUTO SALVAGE, Big Daddys , Sigma, Larry's Auto Repair, Mel Hambelton Ford. Thanks to Everyone

Fox 4 Pay it forward

see:   This family has one member serving in the military and he wanted his mother and brother helped with some special transportation. With help from Tony at United Access we provided it for them

Omaha with Tide Dry Cleaners and Performance Toyota

see:  See Shea'La getting a vehicle thanks to Tide Dry Cleaners and Performance Toyota in Omaha , Look for us on Veterans Day to help a half dozen veterans with cars. see.

Performance Toyota and Tide Dry Cleaners will help a vet

 We will be at the grand opening of the new Tide Dry Cleaners in Omaha on Sat. the 17th to help a Veteran with free reliable transportation. More to come

Wichita on 9/11 with 104.5 The Fox and All Parts Auto Salvage again this year

 We will be giving cars away on 9/11 to veterans in the Wichita, Ks area again this year with the help of Jan and Phil on 104.5 The Fox and Darrell at ALL PARTS AUTO SALVAGE on south broadway. Listen to The Fox for details

Donate a vehicle and Help a veteran

Helping a Veteran at the Country Mart on Friday the 16th in Higginville, Mo. with a car. Hey , I am giving cars away too fast , I need more cars donated, Friend us om Facebook   Cars 4 Heroes  Listen to Military Mondays on 101 The Fox with Slacker and Freedom Fridays on KFKF with Dale Carter and here the stories of the veterans we help'

2 cars ready to go in Oklahoma for Veterans

 See:  Going to Tulsa on the 23rd of August to giveaway 2 car to Veterans that Oklahoma State University, Institute of Technology has repaired and made ready. Thanks to Tim and the guys for all the love you have put in these cars and thanks to NAPA auto parts for their help

Helping a couple of Veterans at Jay Wolfe Toyota

See;    Thanks to Jay Wolfe Toyota in Kansas City for honoring our Veterans with 2 cars they donated. We are off to Omaha to give another vet a car thanks to Tide Dry cleaners and Performance Toyota in Omaha NE.

Cars 4 Heroes teaming up with Jay Wolfe Toyota

Monday August 5th ,come honor a hero. 
  Cars 4 Heroes teaming up with Jay Wolfe Toyota will be giving 3 vehicles to veterans and active duty military families.

Veteran gets car at Country Mart in Ottawa Ks.

I am writing this letter for a Marine friend I’ve known for many years, (never former Marine) who has been going through some very difficult physical/financial times. He just had cancer surgery and was in dire financial hardship and was being evicted from his present living arrangement. (He never asked to move in, I offered.) I invited him to move into one of our spare bedrooms to try and get his financial feet back under him.

Kansas City Veteran need a hand


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Every Monday, Slacker from 101 the Fox and the Car Santa read a story for someone in need of reliable transportation, Listen to this one.

Savanna, MO. veteran gets a free car

See:   20 year Veteran has 4 kinds of cancer and riding the bus to get treatments. We were at Country Mart in Savanna ,Mo.with supporters like Johnsonville, Budweiser, KFKF and Smart Chicken

Vietnam vet,13 years service in Air Force and Army reserves helps other Veterans

Story: I'm a social worker the KCVA and I've worked with Mr.Berry for several years. He has volunteered at the VA 2 days a week for the last 8 yrs. and also volunteers at Bernon Multi-Purpose Center in KC, KS 3 days a week. He is a Vietnam Veteran and does so much to give back to his fellow Veterans, rain or shine he is here even though he has to walk a long
distance to the bus stop. He has arthritis and will likely require a knee replacement and was recently diagnosed with stage 3 prostate cancer and will soon begin treatments. He does not

Cable Dahmer Chevrolet helps Veterans in Kansas City

  Thinking about buying a new truck, Cable Dahmer Chevrolet in the Kansas City Metro area is giving $10.00 to Cars 4 Heroes from now until Sept. for every Test Drive of the 2014 Chev Silverado. Get a great truck and help a hero at the same time. Budwieser is donating proceeds from 20 pack bottles sold at any Country Mart until Labor Day. Thanks for all the support