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Donate to Cars 4 Heroes or Cars 4 Christmas

There are two ways you can contribute: Monetary Contributions
If you wish to make a direct monetary contribution these can be made via PayPal by selecting the secure "Make A Donation" button below. Using this service donations can made using Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover as well as direct payments from your bank or PayPal account.  


Vehicles and Services
To donate a car, boat, truck motorcycle, or RV to Cars 4 Christmas a 501 C 3 Charity, complete the form below . Free towing anywhere in the nation is included if necessary. Your vehicle donation truly can make an amazing difference to a person in need. Donation questions? Call 913-643-1491. If you'd prefer to mail in the form use the print-friendly version and mail to:

P.O. Box 518
Belton, Mo. 64012

You can also fax the completed form to us to donate a car here:

FAX: 913-643-3139

NOTE: Cars 4 Christmas makes every effort to give as many donated vehicles as possible to disadvantaged individuals. However, not all donated vehicles received by the charity are feasible to repair to meet our "mechanically sound and safe " standard. The decision on which vehicles are eligible for re-donation is based upon many factors, including overall condition, age and mileage, reconditioning, repair costs, and location. Donors should assume that their vehicle will be sold at auction with the proceeds returned to Cars 4 Christmas, Inc. (unless notified in writing that their vehicle will be utilized). Cars 4 Christmas appreciates each and every donation, as the money raised from vehicles sold at auction goes to repair other vehicles that will be distributed to less fortunate individuals.  


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Description of your donated vehicle, service or other way you'd like to help Cars4Christmas.

Description of your donated vehicle, service or other way you'd like to help Cars4Christmas.


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